It's Not Easy Being Green

Good morning! In the spirit of spring, I went out and bought three different green polishes. Normally I'd say no to green, because it just doesn't seem appealing on nails. But, I was just feelin' it today! First up is essie's turquise & caicos. It's a beautiful seafoam green, and of course it went on smoothly as do all essie lacquers. It is on the thin side, though, so it took three coats to obtain the color you see here:

I am loving my new essie apricot cuticle oil! ;)
Regardless, I think it is a PERFECT color to celebrate the beginning of spring!

Next up is a wet n' wild shimmer polish I found for $0.99! What a steal! It is called Caribbean Frost and it is a super-pretty, dark, sea green.  The application was not the best, especially after only 1 coat, as you can see from the first picture here.  However, the more coats I added, the smoother it looked.  I am happy with three coats, but if you want to reach full opacity you'll probably have to go for at least 4, or maybe even 5 coats.

one coat; very sheer.

two coats; still sort of sheer.

three coats; it's better, but you can still see the whites of my nails.

Finally, I have another $1 polish that I found on eBay. I literally just typed in nail polish in the search box and then sorted the results by price (lowest to highest).  And this is the first one that caught my eye! (I'm cheap, I know...what do you expect from a student from NJ?)

Outloud Lime is a limited edition polish from Maybelline's express finish line.  I wouldn't call it a lime green, but it's pretty whatever it is!

I'll be honest; the application for this one was pretty terrible.  I couldn't BELIEVE how streaky the first coat was!! I didn't think it would be possible for this polish to even out.  After the second coat, it was still pretty streaky.  I was going to just wip it off and trash it, but I decided to try one more coat, just for shits&gigs (don't make fun!).  This coat did go on smoother, and I put it on fairly thick just to make sure it would cover all the streakiness!

3 coats of maybelline's outloud lime

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Until next time ;-)