[Pipe Dream Polish] : Swatch & Review

Polish provided for my honest review.

Hi, lovelies,

I have a very cute shimmery polish to share with you today, sent to me by April from Pipe Dream Polish.  This is extra exciting, because this is her first official blogger review of her polish line! :-)

I have a beauty of a polish here: It's called All Eyes On Me.

All Eyes On Me is made of of medium pink, orange, and coral matte glitter hexes in a pearl white crelly base. The description just sounds yummy!

I was very happy with the application of this polish; it was definitely not too thick, but thick enough to keep the glitters suspended in the polish.  Just make sure you give it a good shake before application to ensure you get the full glittery-good experience! ;-)

Shown is two coats of All Eyes On Me topped off with Out The Door topcoat.

I love the color combination that April chose - it almost looks like the polish is layered, but it is actually just lighter pink glitter. Very cute!

Check out April's Etsy shop! She has some very cute color combos.

PLUS, use the code bestrx10 in her Etsy shop to get a special 10% discount!


Monday Blues: Cosmic Bubbles

Wow, today flew by! It's already after 8 PM and I finally have a free moment to post my blue Monday mani :-)

Today I have a DELICIOUS royal blue indie from InDecisive Lacquer (swatches & reviews of a few more of these polishes coming later in the week!).  This shade is called Cosmic Bubbles - and I am LOVING IT!

I used three coats (probably should have used thinner coats) to get this amazing blue shade.  I love how the jelly shines!

I topped this one off with a thick layer of NYC Grand Central Station topcoat to give it a smooth-to-the-touch finish.


Spring Gradient: Neutral(ish) Ombré

I am so impressed with how smooth my blue and purple gradient mani (click to see that post) turned out I had to go buy some more of the same brand and see if it was as amazing! These Wet n' Wild Megalast crémes are proving to be ideal for perfecting your gradient mani.

I started off with two coats of Wet n' Wild Megalast Sugarcoat.  It's a very pretty neutral pink that smooths over nicely in two coats.  Once that was completely dry, I followed this tutorial, compliments of The Nailasaurus, to achieve the gradient.  The gradient was done using Wet n' Wild Megalast Heatwave.

I topped it all off with a coat of Out The Door topcoat - it is definitely my favorite topcoat right now!

I am also going to show you my other hand, because I did not sponge as much, and the gradient is more subtle. I can't decide which hand I like better! Here are a few photos of my other hand:


Shimmer Polish: Some Fun Swatches & Review

Polishes provided for review.

I have a very glittery post for you today: a review of FIVE different polishes sent to me by Cindy over at Shimmer Polish!

Here is a little blurb from her Esty Shop:

"My polishes are named after my wonderful friends and family. Each and every name has an important significance to me. Each shade of Shimmer is inspired by my friends; from favorite colors, things that remind me of that person, and even personal requests from these great ladies. Each and every one of my Shimmers have shaped and influenced me to become who I am today; this my way of thanking them for being in my life." How sweet!

First up we have Jasmine. I posted a little sneak peak of this one earlier in the week.  This one is the first one I swatched, and it's my favorite by far! Jasmine is jam-packed full of aquamarine, light blue, and green glitter with some small red and larger gold hexes sprinkled in. Here it is on my accent nail (I used NYC Empire State Blue as a base, and on my other nails):

Next up is Crystal, a copper brown glitter in a clear base. I think this glitter would also go well with a shiny gold polish, or even dark, coffee brown. Here, I layered it over three coats of Pineapple Express by Twee & Honey.

Next, we have Josephine, a pink and orange glitter polish with a hint of blue, and larger blue hexes (also in a clear base).  It is so girly and fun! Here I have it layered over one coat of NYC Preppy Pink:

Next we're going patriotic! Nichole is described as a red, silver, and blue melange polish.  I had some fun with this one :-) I layered Nichole over essie forever yummy on my accent finger. I think it looks so cute with sparkly tips!

Last, but most certainly not least, I bring you Katie, which is a clear base and gray, green, and pink micro glitters. This polish is absolutely PERFECT for springtime :-) Here I have it over one coat of Zoya Sweet. (I'm sporting NYC Tudor City Teal on my pointer finger... i love pink and green together!)

These are just 5 of a whole bunch of fabulous glitter polishes you will find when you visit Shimmer Polish's Etsy Shop.  Make sure you stop by there and take a look around, and then head over to her facebook page and be sure to "like" it to stay up to date on all news and new releases!


Snippet: My Go-To Manicure

Hi, Ladies,

I figured I'd snap a few photos and post them so you can see what I usually do to my nails if I'm not swatching and designing. This look never goes out of style - it'll always be my favorite :-)

(I apologize for the graininess; I took these photos at night with no light!)

Until next time!


Monday Blues: Shimmer Polish Preview!

Hi, ladies!

I have a little sneaky peaky of one of the polishes I will be reviewing later in the week! It fit right into my Monday Blues, so I thought I'd show it off!

No top coat! Look at that shine & shimmer!
I used two coats of NYC Empire State Blue, which went on incredibly smoothly! Like, amazingly smoothly! I wish every polish applied like this baby!  My accent nail is Shimmer Polish Jasmine. It is absolutely GORGEOUS! And what a perfect match! :-)

Stay Tuned for a full review of Shimmer Polish coming later in the week!


JENsations Polishes: Swatches & Review

Polishes provided for review.

Don't you just LOVE when a polish looks even better than you expected on your nail than it does in the bottle?! I do!

Today I have two delicious polishes to show you, sent to me by Jen from JENsations!

Here is an excerpt from her Etsy shop:

"My line of polishes are made from scratch with my own 3-free, cruelty-free suspension base; cosmetic grade solvent resistant glitters, micas & pigments. I've never been much of an artist but my obsession with nail stuff has inspired these creations. Nails are a blank canvas.. the possibilies are endless..."

Well said, Jen! Now onto the polish! (Which comes in the most adorable star-shaped bottles!)

First up we have Tickled Pink. I saw the tiny little butterflies in the bottle, and I couldn't wait to see how they looked on my nails! I am generally not a butterfly/super-girly person, but I may be evolving, thanks to Jen!

Tickled Pink is a mix of multi-sized matte neon pink & holographic silver hexagons & square glitters with large pink & silver butterflies in a semi-sheer pink shimmery base.

Since the base was sheer, I wanted to use a base color. I thought I'd try out a no-named opaque light beige creme I have had for a long time but have never worn.  I was hoping that the sheer pink in Tickled Pink would create a baby pastel pink look under the glitters - and how perfect it turned out!

Application for Tickled Pink was good; I was afraid that the butterflies and larger hexes wouldn't come onto the brush from the bottle, but they did with ease! Almost every dip of the brush had a butterfly on it.  I think this is because of the amount of glittery goodness Jen puts into a single bottle!

The other polish Jen sent me is called Groovy! ...and for good reason. It's totally awesome! This polish has all matte glitters, which are a personal favorite of mine. I love me some mattes!

Groovy! is a mix of multi-sized matte neon pink, purple, green, yellow, orange & blue hexagons with some orange bars in a white jelly base.  To me, the base looked like an off-white color; in fact, I think it had a hint of orange in it.

I went with a beige base by covergirl for this one, and hoped that the jelly base would add a tint of orange to it - and it did! Man, I'm good ;-)

Groovy! :-) The application for this one was good, as well.  Lots of hexes and bars came out with every dip of the brush, and these photos are basically one coat of Groovy!.  The only hexes I had to do a bit of fishing for were the blue ones...but as you an see from the photo of the polish, this is because there are less blue hexes in there to start with (which I think looks better, personally)

As I said before, even though Groovy! is described to be a white jelly, I would say it definitely has an orange tint to it - so make sure you take that into account if you layer it over another color.

Overall, JENsations polishes are very impressive! The only thing I would suggest to you is to add a little bit of polish thinner to the base, as it comes out a bit thick.  But that's an easy fix!

I had to throw in a pic of the bottles - can't get over them! ADORABLE! :-)
Head over to Jen's Etsy shop and check out her other polishes for sale (she has quite a number of them!) And when you're done picking out your favorites, stop by her Facebook Page and make sure to "like" it to stay up-to-date on all of Jen's work and new releases.  Jen also takes custom orders at $9.00/bottle, which seems like a heck of a deal to obtain the polish exactly the way you imagined it!

Plus, Enjoy FREE SHIPPING for U.S. purchases of $50 or more! Simply use code "SPRINGFREESHIP" at checkout. For international customers Jen will be offering 10% off your orders of $50 or more using code "SPRING10SALE" at checkout.

Which one do you prefer?


MORE POLKA-DOTS! Pretty In Pink :-)

So, I loved my blue/white polka-dot mani so much that I did another one in pink, and added some fun stuff on my accent nail :-) Check it out!

with cartoon accent nail

I am loving this one

Base Coat: Rimmel Base/Top Coat
Base Color: Essie Secret Story (2 coats)
Accent Nail Base Color: NYC French White Tip (2 coats)
Polka Dots: same two colors!
Top Coat: Out The Door

Secret Story is a creamy, bright fuchsia. The first coat was somewhat sheer and a bit uneven; but after applying a second coat, it was opaque and beautiful! The formula is nice and thin, as most essie formulas are.  The NYC white polish was on the thicker side, as would be expected for a polish that is meant to be used for french tips :-) but two coats of it appeared smooth enough for my liking. :-)


I used my largest dotting tool to put on the polka dots, and used one of my nail art brushes (long, thin bristles) to outline my accent nail to achieve the cartoon look that I keep seeing as of late!

I only got one good picture of the finished accent nail - but I actually think I like the manicure better without the cartoon outline! What do you guys think?

I am so in to polka-dots lately!! :-) Let me know what you think in the comments :-)

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