JENsations Polishes: Swatches & Review

Polishes provided for review.

Don't you just LOVE when a polish looks even better than you expected on your nail than it does in the bottle?! I do!

Today I have two delicious polishes to show you, sent to me by Jen from JENsations!

Here is an excerpt from her Etsy shop:

"My line of polishes are made from scratch with my own 3-free, cruelty-free suspension base; cosmetic grade solvent resistant glitters, micas & pigments. I've never been much of an artist but my obsession with nail stuff has inspired these creations. Nails are a blank canvas.. the possibilies are endless..."

Well said, Jen! Now onto the polish! (Which comes in the most adorable star-shaped bottles!)

First up we have Tickled Pink. I saw the tiny little butterflies in the bottle, and I couldn't wait to see how they looked on my nails! I am generally not a butterfly/super-girly person, but I may be evolving, thanks to Jen!

Tickled Pink is a mix of multi-sized matte neon pink & holographic silver hexagons & square glitters with large pink & silver butterflies in a semi-sheer pink shimmery base.

Since the base was sheer, I wanted to use a base color. I thought I'd try out a no-named opaque light beige creme I have had for a long time but have never worn.  I was hoping that the sheer pink in Tickled Pink would create a baby pastel pink look under the glitters - and how perfect it turned out!

Application for Tickled Pink was good; I was afraid that the butterflies and larger hexes wouldn't come onto the brush from the bottle, but they did with ease! Almost every dip of the brush had a butterfly on it.  I think this is because of the amount of glittery goodness Jen puts into a single bottle!

The other polish Jen sent me is called Groovy! ...and for good reason. It's totally awesome! This polish has all matte glitters, which are a personal favorite of mine. I love me some mattes!

Groovy! is a mix of multi-sized matte neon pink, purple, green, yellow, orange & blue hexagons with some orange bars in a white jelly base.  To me, the base looked like an off-white color; in fact, I think it had a hint of orange in it.

I went with a beige base by covergirl for this one, and hoped that the jelly base would add a tint of orange to it - and it did! Man, I'm good ;-)

Groovy! :-) The application for this one was good, as well.  Lots of hexes and bars came out with every dip of the brush, and these photos are basically one coat of Groovy!.  The only hexes I had to do a bit of fishing for were the blue ones...but as you an see from the photo of the polish, this is because there are less blue hexes in there to start with (which I think looks better, personally)

As I said before, even though Groovy! is described to be a white jelly, I would say it definitely has an orange tint to it - so make sure you take that into account if you layer it over another color.

Overall, JENsations polishes are very impressive! The only thing I would suggest to you is to add a little bit of polish thinner to the base, as it comes out a bit thick.  But that's an easy fix!

I had to throw in a pic of the bottles - can't get over them! ADORABLE! :-)
Head over to Jen's Etsy shop and check out her other polishes for sale (she has quite a number of them!) And when you're done picking out your favorites, stop by her Facebook Page and make sure to "like" it to stay up-to-date on all of Jen's work and new releases.  Jen also takes custom orders at $9.00/bottle, which seems like a heck of a deal to obtain the polish exactly the way you imagined it!

Plus, Enjoy FREE SHIPPING for U.S. purchases of $50 or more! Simply use code "SPRINGFREESHIP" at checkout. For international customers Jen will be offering 10% off your orders of $50 or more using code "SPRING10SALE" at checkout.

Which one do you prefer?