Monday Blues: Shimmer Polish Preview!

Hi, ladies!

I have a little sneaky peaky of one of the polishes I will be reviewing later in the week! It fit right into my Monday Blues, so I thought I'd show it off!

No top coat! Look at that shine & shimmer!
I used two coats of NYC Empire State Blue, which went on incredibly smoothly! Like, amazingly smoothly! I wish every polish applied like this baby!  My accent nail is Shimmer Polish Jasmine. It is absolutely GORGEOUS! And what a perfect match! :-)

Stay Tuned for a full review of Shimmer Polish coming later in the week!


  1. Really pretty!! Love the combo!

    1. thanks Marisa - I can't believe how perfectly they matched!

  2. I love both polishes and they look great together! The glitter is just awesome!

  3. This is one of my fav posts! Im in love with the color! Commenting for APRIL GIVEAWAY!! Woo