Polish Days: 7 Deadly Sins


My first polish days - how exciting! Here are the guidelines:

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride. Unless you’re a saint there’s a chance you’re guilty of at least one. I’m leaving this one up to your imagination though, so however you choose to interpret the theme, it’s up to you! After all, who am I to judge your sins?

I went with GREED, because I was dying to try out all of the rhinestones I got! And, as luck would have it, the rhinestones were GREEN AND GOLD! HOW PERFECT!

bling bling! ;-)
18K gold with giant pearls and rhinestones - GREEDY!

Base color: Sinful Colors 948 Last Chance (green)
Ring finger: Julep Sienna
Top coat: Jessica 18K Gold leaf



  1. Hy there!! I have found your blog and I'm very glad because you have a lot of interesting subject and you make gorgeous nail designs. I will follow you for sure. If you are in the mood for some nail designs please do not hesitate to visit my blog too. Kisses and thanks in advance.

  2. The top-coat is brilliant! So is the manicure ^^

  3. I chose greed too! I really love the gold leaf top coat. I think the Jessica one is my favorite out of all the ones I've seen. Gorgeous!