Comet Vomit: Swatches & Review

Polishes provided for my honest review.

Don't be fooled by the name: Comet Vomit polish has ZERO 'ewww' factor and TOTAL 'wow' factor!

This indie polish is new to me, but it already has a very special place in my heart. Why? Well, get this: each polish comes with its own SCIENCE LESSON! How AWESOME is that!? Let me answer that for you: TOTALLY AWESOME! As a scientist myself, I looooove combining my passions & hobbies. Now, onto the polish!

First up is Protoplanetary Disco. I could have guessed that this glitter-packed topper would look like a disco party for my nails! Here is the science lesson: Protoplanetary disks are made up of dense gases rotating around a newly formed star. The nebular hypothesis of solar system formation describes how protoplanetary disks are thought to evolve into planetary systems. Read more about them here.  This polish has rainbow glitter in hexes and squares from super fine to medium, mixed with super shiny holographic silver hexes and diamonds. Feast your eyes on this baby! Shown below over one coat of Zoya Josie.

Next up is Blue Marble, a  hand mixed polish with a blue jelly base featuring blue and green glitters of all shapes and sizes. Everything from micro glitters to holographic hexes, green squares and everything in between - oooooh! This polish was inspired by the blue marble photo taken by the crew of the Apollo 17 Spacecraft in 1972. Check it out here! I was scared the larger hexes might curl, but they didn't! They stayed flat on the nail. Impressive! Shown below is two coats of Blue Marble topped with one coat of NYC Grand Central Station (I use NYC GCS over all my glitter polishes.)

Finally we have Hubble Bubble, and I think you can all guess where this name comes from: The Hubble Telescope! This polish features a shimmery pink base and is packed full of glitter. It's not as chunky as the other polishes, and instead features red, pink and silver tiny hexes which are accented by silver diamonds. I had to do some fishing for the silver diamonds (picking them out with a toothpick) but it was well worth it. Look at that shine! It is shown here layered over one coat of Zoya Sweet.

Thank you, Tiffany, for some seriously out-of-this-world polish! (shut up, I'm a nerd)

Check out Tiffany's Etsy Shop for some more awesome scientifically fabulous polishes! When you're checking out, enter the code TWITTER to receive 15% off your total purchase.

Up, Up, and Away!


  1. What a name! I wish I could own a bottle, if only to tell people I love covering my nails in "Comet Vomit".

    1. Haha! Agreed! Check out her etsy shop and pick up a few for yourself!!

  2. I just love comet vomit, and Tiffany is too rad! With such great prices, honest shipping, and unique mixes, why not give it a go!?

    1. agreed! the science lessons are my fave :-)