InDecisive Lacquer: Swatches & Review

Polishes provided for my honest review.

Earlier in the week, I gave you a little preview of InDecisive Lacquer for my Monday Blues manicure.  

InDecisive Lacquer was created to give everybody some go-to polish.  Aleksandra, the owner and creator, describes her polish:

"What to wear when you can't decide what to wear!" Very cute.

Here is the mani I wore on Monday.  The color is called Cosmic Bubbles, and it is a deep royal blue jelly with lots of white hexes of different shapes and sizes.  I have three coats on here, plus topcoat.  This one is probably my favorite. The color is soooo juicy and delicious, and I love the depth of the glitters!

Next up is another amazing polish: Sugar.  Sugar is a scattered (NOT linear) holographic grey polish. In the shade, it looks like a sophisticated grey… but it comes alive in bright light into a flurry of beautiful, eye-catching rainbow sparkles! It is meant to be worn on its own, and look below to see why!  Ugh, maybe this one is my favorite, actually!

Finally, I have a super-cool thermal polish: Ichor.  This is Aleksandra's most popular polish... because it's so AWESOME! It goes from black (cool temperatures) to clear (warm temperatures).  I have both temperatures pictured below.  I wanted to make a note that if your nails are a little bit longer, this topcoat will give an instant gradient appearance, because the heat from your finger will keep that part of your nail clear, while the nail that is not touching any skin will gradually turn darker. Unfortunately, I filed down my nails yesterday, and then realized I should have waited! The speckles you see are just the pigment particles - they don't dissolve completely, but I think it looks cute with little speckles! You only need one coat of this, and I recommend using a creme as a base, as it does make the base color a little bit darker.

warm temperature
cold temperature

Check out Aleksandra's Etsy Shop here!

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