KKCenterHk: Water Decals & Microbeads Review

Products provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Hi, lacqueristas!

I have two cute products to show you today, sent to me for review by KKCenterHk. KKCenterHk is an online low-cost beauty supply store; they have everything from false lashes, to nail accessories, to blush, and offer worldwide shipping.

The water decals are an ideal size; they are large enough that they are easily recognized from a few feet away, but small enough that you can fit more than one on your nail.  They come in a few different sizes, but the size only varies slightly.  The application for these decals was very easy; I cut out the decal I wanted to use, ran it under warm water for about 20 seconds, and the decals slid right off the paper. I placed the decals where I wanted them on my dry nail, and applied top coat to seal them.  The decals are not sticky at all, so top coat is a must!

The Microbeads came in a small clear tube, but KKCenterHk also includes a small jar in the microbead package so you can pour the beads onto your nail and catch them in the jar without making a mess. To apply these, just paint your nail with polish (I prefer using clear base coat, since it's made to stick to things!) and pour the beads over the nail! You may have to fiddle with them on the nail a tiny bit to get all of them to stay put, but it's pretty easy! The microbeads lasted about a day, which is pretty standard for this type of nail art. I'm loving the textured accent nail!

Here is the manicure I put together featuring both of the products described above.  I used a small dotting tool and poured about 20 of the microbeads into the small jar that was provided, and placed them one-by-one onto my nail that was wet with top coat, and sealed them on with another layer of top coat once they were set in place to secure them.  When you apply them this way, you have to work quickly, or else the topcoat will dry before you apply the bead. When I applied the final topcoat, I am happy to report that the color of the microbead did NOT run; it stayed put, which I was very happy about!

Doctor's Orders: If you're looking for affordable quality nail accessories, a dose of KKCenterHk should do the trick! 


  1. I love the water decals you used here! SO pretty! The micro beads look fun to play with on the nails too :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! I'm loving the decals, too. They're so easy!

  2. Love your nail shape! The flowers look so delicate and nice <3

  3. like the designs & i also LOVE your nail shape too