The Lady Varnishes: Swatches & Review

Polishes sent for review. All opinions are my own.

Good morning! The weather here in NJ is... dare i say it - PERFECT! Not too hot, not too cool, not a cloud in the sky. Sunny and beautiful! That's my kinda day :-)

Today I have three gorgeous polishes I received for review from The Lady Varnishes.  Here's the description of the shop:

"Unique handmixed polishes, made from raw materials and inspired by my favorite movies, tv shows and books. All of my polishes are always 3 Free." Cute!

Every single bottle comes in a cute little bag that matches the color of the polish; but that's not all! On every single bottle you receive, there is also a matching charm with matching beads! You can see these cute little charms in the photos below; I think these are so adorable and really make The Lady Varnishes stand out and recognizable. Hats off to you!

First up is How She Sparkles: a mix of white, iridescent and holographic microglitters with just a dash of pink and blue matte hexes and white bar glitter. Below is one coat of How She Sparkles over two coats of Julep Martha with topcoat.

Next we have Oubliette: a black varnish with flashes of purple, blue and green and glints of orange gold. Pictured below is one coat of Oubliette over one coat of 10 Professional 465 Starstruck with topcoat.

Finally, we have Always Dreaming: a pale violet varnish with large shimmer flecks and various sized matte hexes in white, purple and blue.  Pictured below is one coat of Always Dreaming layered over one coat of NYC In a New York Minute Lavender Cupcake with topcoat. It's gorgeous!

Take a look at The Lady Varnishes Etsy Shop and pick out a few of your favorites! Also be sure to check out The Lady Varnishes Facebook Page to stay up-to-date on new releases and restocks!

Thanks for stopping by!