8 Easy Ways to Keep your Skin Healthy this Summer

Happy 4th, everybody! I am sure all of you are going out later on to enjoy your BBQs, beer, and some fireworks in the hot sun. So, I just wanted to remind you to keep your skin safe, because that is just SO important! As a nail blogger, I know that healthy-looking skin can make or break the appearance of a manicure; and health wise, it is crucial to keep your skin healthy.

I have some amazing at-home tips and tricks for all of you coming from Michelle, a spa expert over at Skana Spa New York Resort, Turning Stone. Enjoy, stay cool, and keep that skin looking beautiful! Enjoy!


8 Different Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy in the Summer

For most people, the summer is the time of the year when the heat can really cause problems for the skin around different areas of the body. Although there are plenty of dry skin problems that can take place during the winter, the summer is when the sun is always out and beating down on your body. Here are a few tips from the Skana Spa experts of New York resort, Turning Stone, that you can use to make sure that the sun and heat does not cause problems for your skin during the beach season, and you should not have to deal with ugly skin spots and dried out skin as long as you follow these guidelines.

Turn Down the Heat in the Shower

Many people know that hot showers can cause problems for the skin, but most of these same individuals do not realize that the problems associated with hot showers actually get worse during the summer. Cold showers are usually more refreshing during the summer anyway, so make sure that you are turning down the temperature of the water while you are cleaning your body.

Get a Serious Hat

Most people think that baseball hats will protect them from the sun, but those types of hats really just protect your eyes. Make sure that you get a hat with a huge brim if you want real protection from the sun.

Scrub Off Your Dry Skin

When you notice some dry skin on your body, you should make a point to scrub it off before you get in the shower. Scrubbing dry skin off your body can actually be rather fun, and everything will wash off rather quickly under a cold shower.

Cantaloupe is Your Friend

Healthy skin during the summer is all about making sure that your skin is hydrated. While water definitely helps, foods that contain a lot of water help even more. Cantaloupe has many antioxidants that can help your skin maintain a healthy glow during the summer.

Bug Bites are Going to Happen

When you are dealing with bug bites, make sure that you use a restoring cream to make them go away as quickly as possible.

Use Strawberries for Healthier Skin

In addition to eating healthy foods, you may also want to rub some of them on your face. The juices from strawberries have been known to brighten age and sun spots over time.

Create Your Own Mask

If you want to go the extra mile for your skin, try creating your own facial mask with plain yogurt. This unique facial mask or aloe vera can help you soothe any pain on your skin.

Sunscreen Along Your Hairline

It can sometimes be rather difficult to rub sunscreen along your hairline, so perhaps you should think about using a spray instead.


I hope you enjoyed and got something helpful out of these summer skin-care tips - So go stock up on those strawberries and prepare to get sticky! ;-)


  1. I'm gonna start to rub strawberries in my face now.. might as well start now to prevent age spots hah ;)

  2. Great tips for the summer! I didn't know some of these so I'll definitely keep them in mind now :)

  3. Nice..... Sunscreen is a definite must-have for many people. I've been diligent in applying and haven't been sunburned yet, which is a first for me.I get sunburned at least once each summer but thanks to the online medical help and their healthy diet plan for skin. :)