Guest Post: Lit From Within

Morning, Lacquerbeans! Today on my study schedule is physics: electricity & magnetism. Yayyy... NOT. Here's Nidia from Lit From Within to help me out because physics is currently taking over my life! She's cute, has cute nails, and is a total sweetheart. Check her out!


Hi, I'm Nidia, and I run a little blog called Lit From Within.  When Ariel sent out the 911 for help to study for med school, I was thrilled to be chosen to do a guest blog! She asked me to review a polish for you, so I picked out one I had been meaning to try - Butter London Poole.

Butter London Poole

It's everything a polish should be - great formula, smooth application, gorgeous, trendy color.  Hmm.  Trendy.  I was sure I had some other polishes that are similar.  So, I went digging around and found four to compare to Poole.

These are:  Avon Serene, Zoya Wednesday, Orly Pretty-Ugly, and Nubar Jaded.  And, here they are all together:

Avon Serene is the closest to Poole in Real Life, and at 1/2 the cost, it's a pretty good dupe.  The formula wasn't quite as nice as Poole, though.  Zoya Wednesday is a little darker, but is still in the same family.  I love Zoyas, and I usually wait for one of their awesome promos, and then I stock up.  Orly Pretty-Ugly looked like it might be close in the bottle, but on the nail is way too blue, and has that gorgeous shimmer.  Nubar Jaded is a too dark.  It's similar to Wednesday, but is a little bluer.

They're not the SAME, they're SIMILAR.. though Serene is close enough for me to call a dupe.  The others are pretty in their own right.  Here's the bottle shot: Nubar Jaded, Orly Pretty-Ugly, Zoya Wednesday, Avon Serene, and Butter London Poole.

bottle shot:  Nubar Jaded, Orly Pretty-Ugly, Zoya Wednesday, Avon Serene, and Butter London Poole

Which is your favorite?  Are the different enough for you to own multiples, or would you pick just one? Thanks again to Ariel for letting me guest on her great blog.  Hope she's getting her study on! If you would like to see more from me, please like my Facebook page, and check out my blog, Lit From Within


AWESOME post, Nidia! A nice break from the reviews and nail art we've all been seeing. And in my opinion, you can NEVER have too much of this lovely color! :-) Keep polishing!


  1. What a great comparison on blues! It was nice to see :)

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