Guest Post: The Nail Polish Challenge

Today's guest poster is another amazingly talented girl: Kelli from The Nail Polish Challenge! Have you guys ever seen her nail art? It's PERFECTION! :-) Check it out!


Hey guys, I'm honored to be doing a post for Ariel today! I decided to incorporate a new technique that I have been obsessed with lately - making chevrons using tape.

For this manicure, I used a base of Essie Blanc, which is my absolute favorite white polish. I wanted to go monochromatic, so I used Essie Licorice to make the chevrons. To get them straight and clean, I used craft scissors to make the chevrons, placed the tape on my nails, and then once I painted the top color, I peeled the tape off. Ta da!

I also decided to try something new - the "ruffian" technique, where you paint your nails with one polish, then paint over them with another polish but leave your cuticle edge! I thought this looked really cool and translated well onto my nails.

I mattified the whole thing with Julep Matte top coat.

Thanks for having me, Ariel! I hope you all like this manicure ;)


Awesome stuff, Kelli! Thanks!

Make sure all of you take a minute to follow Kelli - you will be so happy you did!


  1. Thanks for letting me be a guest on your page!!

  2. This is really nice! I really need to get some craft scissors so I can do some chevron manicures too! :)

  3. Love it! I am so into chevron prints!

  4. Love this! The ruffian and chevrons are so cute together.