Make Room For The Chameleon Stampede!

I have been in contact with Mandy over at Chameleon Stampede for some time now, as we are Monday Blues buddies! :-) I also so much admire the nail art she does, as I can tell it requires a LOOOOT of patience! She is here on the blog today guest posting for me while I'm off reading about and studying the digestive system and all the wonderful parts of it (ugh). Enjoy this fabulous mani!


Hi Ariel and Friends!  (waving excitedly)
My name is Mandy and my blog is called Chameleon Stampede.  I'm so excited to stop by today while Ariel is getting some studying done!  I don't envy her... school was a while ago for me.  But, I wish her all the best in passing her upcoming test!  Good luck, Ariel!

I'm showing you two stages/versions of this mani today.  It started off as an acid mani with a retro color palette.  I used China Glaze Bailamos, China Glaze Elephant Walk, Essie Orange It's Obvious and Orly Pointe Blanche for my layers.  I have the layers listed in order below.

Once the top layer was semi-dry, I used some non-acetone polish remover on a small brush to swipe through the layers for the acid effect.  I knew I wanted to stamp over top of the mani, but I was a little afraid that I might mess it up.  So, I took before and after pictures just in case.  I actually like them both, but the stamped one is my fave.  For the stamping I used Orly Pointe Blanche on a Gals Cosmetics GA26 plate.

Polish Layers in Order:
China Glaze Elephant Walk
Essie Orange It's Obvious
Orly Pointe Blanche
China Glaze Bailamos
China Gaze Elephant Walk (again)


Seriously GORGEOUS! Amazing job, Mandy. Thanks again!


  1. Great post, thanks for sharing!


    Brittany, xx

  2. What a great looking manicure! So unique :)

  3. Thanks Ariel! Good luck with your studies!

  4. so pretty!Lovely blog!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xoxo