Monday Blues: Franken Frosting Dreaming in Colors

Polish provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Happy Monday, Ladies & Germs! :-)

I canNOT believe it's JULY! I feel like I just celebrated the New Year!

Today's blue polish is funky, fun, and I totally love it! It's Franken Frosting's Dreaming in Colors from their Neons and Metallics collection. This polish consists of neon green glitter, neon blue glitter, purple matte squares and fine shimmery metallic fuchsia glitter all wrapped into a gorgeous turquoise blue base.  The formula was on the thicker side, which is good for a polish like this.  Otherwise, I'd have to go fishin' for glitters. ;-) There is SO much glitter in this polish, and the colors are fantastic.  Pictured below is three coats of Dreaming in Colors with topcoat; but you definitely can get away with two coats.

indoors - indirect sunlight


artificial light

I think you can all agree that this is a color for a funky bunch - and I'm totally loving it!

Check out Franken Frosting's other pages:

DOCTOR'S ORDERS: Feelin' funky? Get down with some Franken Frosting! A keeper for sure.


  1. that looks like such a lovely polish! i also love your blog, ive followed you on blogger and bloglovin xx


  2. This polish looks amazing! I love it :)

  3. Super interesting polish! Seems like it has the perfect ratio of everything in it

  4. Love the glitter combo in this polish! The squares are my favorite thing!

  5. wow, what a beautiful nail polish, perfect colors too, glitter, all a nail polish lover would want :D

  6. Wow why haven't we these nailpolish in europe !!