Guest Post: Wacky Laki is here!

I have to give myself a *pinch* to make sure this is really happening.. yes.. it IS! Wacky Laki is here today.. on MY blog!


Hi Everyone! My name is Anutka from the blog Wacky Laki. I'm so happy to get the chance to guest post here on Ariel's wonderful blog while she is studying for medical school. I have been so absent minded recently that I nearly forgot to send her my post. I woke up with a jolt one morning as I suddenly remembered that I was waaay past my promised date. Luckily, Ariel is just a sweetheart and was kind enough to forgive my blunder so hopefully I won't disappoint. Maybe when Ariel is done with medical school she can find a way to cure my forgetfulness ;)

Now let's get to the manicure. I'm a big fan of stamping as part of my nail art and my recent obsession is stamping over textured polish. I never expected it to stick as well as it does since it isn't sealed with a top coat, but amazingly it stays put....

For this manicure I used Julie G Sugar Rush which a beautiful textured orange with a gold shimmer. I stamped it with the the tiger pattern from Bundle Monster plate BM-223 using Essence Stamp Me! Black. I tried to slightly shift and rotate the pattern so that it is not exactly the same on each nail...

I hope you enjoyed this manicure and I want to say big thank you again to Ariel for asking me to guest post here!

This is my way of saying "go get 'em tiger" when it comes time to take your med school exams! :)

Thanks for looking!


Thank you thank you THANK YOU! Everybody, please make sure to hop on over to her blog to check out her amazing work!