KB Shimmer 2013 Fall Collection Swatches & Review

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What upppp, Lacquerbeanz?!

I have three polishes to show you today from KBShimmer's 2013 Fall Collection, so GET EXCITED!

You may have noticed that a lot of nail bloggers have been showcasing KBShimmer polishes this month; that's because this month, KBShimmer is celebrating it's FIFTH BIRTHDAY! That's right, count it... 5! KBShimmer is such an awesome line of polish with some of the most beautiful lacquers I have ever seen/worn...and their new fall collection is no exception! Check out these stunners!

First up we have Vicious Circles, a blood-red jelly that is to DIE for! (pun completely intended)... This heavily-pigmented polish is loaded with two sizes of holographic silver glitters, holographic silver hex glitters, and holographic silver micro slices (they really are teeeeeeny tiny!). I say heavily pigmented because it already looked amazing after just one coat! I used two coats for these swatches with KBShimmer's very own Clearly On Top topcoat. There is some SERIOUS holo shimmer to this baby! Love it!

Next up is Teal Another Tail, a dusty teal green polish with a strong, and I mean STRONG pink, (almost duo-chome!) shimmer. I think I see some small holographic glitters in there, as well! This color was formulated based on the color of a Mermaid's tail. It is UH-MAZING! The formula is obviously thicker because of all of the teeny-tiny glitters in there, but the application was absolutely flawless. does it make sense if I say the formula was thick but it applied nice and thin? That's the best I can do! :-) Shown below is two coats of Teal Another Tail topped off with one coat of Clearly On Top.

outdoors - shade
outdoors - sunlight
outdoors - sunlight
outdoors - sunlight
outdoors - shade
Think I took enough pictures of that one? Woopsies.

The last polish I have to show you from KBShimmer's 2013 Fall collection is Excuse Me, I Blurpled. I'd buy it on the name alone, LOL! This polish is described as a shade not quite blue, not quite purple, with glitters in many shades of blue and purple with a hint of copper.  It's another very pigmented (and gorgeous) jelly. Is this to DIE for or what!? Application was a breeze for this one, too. I want to note that this has a much stronger purple tint to it in real life - but I was unable to capture that with the camera! The swatches below show two coats with Clearly On Top topcoat.


KBShimmer's Fall 2013 Collection will be available at KBShimmer.com on September 1, 2013. International customers can also purchase KBShimmer products through Harlow & Co. Be sure to keep up with all the latest KBShimmer info by liking them on Facebook!

Here's a shot of the full Fall 2013 Collection:

Check out the full press release by KBShimmer here!


  1. all these polishes are just stunning *.*

  2. No worries I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep and dream of these. Nbd.