Monday Blues: Textured Dotticure over La Couleur Couture 1977

Happy Monday, Lacquerbeanz!

Today's Monday Blues Mani is a cute and simple little dotticure. I had been meaning to experiment with textured dots over regular polish, and I had been wearing this...

...so I added some polkie-dots using Sally Hansen Cotton Candies Sugar Coat!

The blue base is a gorgeous polish from La Couleur Couture: 1977. My accent nail is three coats of Indecisive Lacquer's Sugar with a cute pink plastic bow I got from Born Pretty Store (use my code LTBMK31 to get 10% off your order and free shipping!)

What do you think? I kind of love the textured polka-dots - it almost looks like it's fuzzy! :-)


  1. This is super cute! On-trend in so many ways!! =)

  2. The textured bows seem a little funky to me, but I love the addition of the bows <3

  3. I love the dotticure mani but the bow has got to go. I can see it getting caught on everything, especially my hair. Not worth the aggravation lol.

  4. Love the color combo and the textured dots! The bow is very cute too!