Sweet Tips Nails: Swatches & Review

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Howdy howdy, Lacquerbeanz!

I have four exciting summery polishes to brighten your day today from Sweet Tips Nails. Jen, the owner of Sweet Tips, started making polish to keep her hands busy so she could quit smoking back in early 2011 - and she hasn't smoked since! GO JEN! ;-) All her polishes are 3-free, and each bottle is individually made, so you truly are getting a one-of-a-kind polish!

First up is Neon White Out: a white crelly (leans toward creme) base that is just full of different colors, sizes, and shapes of neon glitters. There are too many to name individually - but there are definitely big CIRCLE GLITTERS in there - of course I love this one ;-) I had to do a bit of fishing for the larger glitters, which is typical. Swatches below show two coats of Neon White Out topped with Glitter Food and HK Girl topcoat, which I used as topcoats for all the swatches I will be showing you.

And here is Neon White Out's counterpolish, (new word, deal with it) Neon Black Out. This polish is described as a black crelly, but I would definitely say it is more of a jelly. Just like White Out, Black Out consists of lots of neon glitter in all different shapes and sizes. There don't appear to be any circle glitters in this one, but I like it anyway! I first tried swatching this one with no undies; but after the third coat it was still very sheer (and then I dinged a nail before I took photos so I just removed it altogether!). This time, I layered it over Wet N' Wild Black Creme, and I think it looks really nice this way. All the glitter you see here is from ONE coat of Neon Black Out. Again, you'll have to do a bit of fishing if you want as many larger glitters as you see in these photos. Sidenote: these glitters were SO easy to remove! I'm not sure if it was because of the base color I had on under it or what, but it was AWESOME!

Now let's take a look at the glitter toppers! First up is Rainbow Gelato, a great combination of pink, peach, yellow, and gray hexes of different sizes in a pink color-shifting shimmer base. Shown here is one dabbed coat of Rainbow Gelato over two coats of Revlon Eclectic. NOTE: The bubbling you see  here is NOT because of the Sweet Tips polish - it's because I am impatient and didn't wait long enough before applying topcoat! 8(

Neon Kiwi is the second glitter topper I have - it's a mix of bright greens (neon, matte and metallic) with black accents (for kiwi seeds!) in a mix of shapes and sizes, including squares and DOTS! The swatches below show one dabbed coat of Neon Kiwi over one coat of Julep Kennedy.

Check out Sweet Tips Nails on Etsy and on Facebook!

DOCTOR'S ORDERS: What better way to ring in the end of summer than with some awesome neons!? Get 'em before it's too cold!


  1. Stunning sawtches !!! My fav. is Neon Kiwi :-) xx

  2. OMG these are so amazing! LOVE THEM! They are like a party on your fingers!

    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog

  3. What a cool and funky set of polishes!

  4. I love the different shaped glitters in Neon Black/White Out!

  5. These are all amazing colors! I really love the first one :D

  6. This looks soooo yummy! I love milky polishes with glitter <3

  7. i love these :D especially the first one !