Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Swatches - Part 1

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TGIF! This has been one loooooonnnggg week, and I can't wait to take a few minutes to actually RELAX! :)

I received lots of polishes from Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure line to review for you, so I decided to split it up into two posts so I don't overload you with beautiful colors! ;-)

The first color I have is Arm Candy. Arm Candy is a very sheer light pink, so it will look best in a french manicure. So, that's what I did! The photos below show two coats of Arm Candy with freehanded white tips, sealed in with KBShimmer Clearly On Top. This is DEFINITELY my new go-to base for french manicures, which most of you know is my absolute favorite thing to wear on my nails! :)

Next up is Pink A Card, a beautiful baby pink creme that is perfectly even and opaque in two easy coats. No complains for this one, either - application was a breeze. Also toped with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

The last polish I am going to show you today is Almost Almond, which describes the color of this polish quite nicely. It's sort of a light almond color, but it has some serious shimmer to it that is visible in certain light. I used three thinner coats (it was a bit sheer and uneven) plus topcoat (KBShimmer Clearly On Top) for these swatches.

I love all three of these colors - but my favorite is definitely Arm Candy. I'm a sucker for a nice sheer pink! :)


Born Pretty Store Sweet Color Polish & 3D Embossed Stickers

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Happy Humpday, Lacquerbeanz!

Today I have two great products to show you from Born Pretty Store. For those of you that have (somehow) never heard of it, Born Pretty Store is your one-stop-shop for all things nails. It is insanely cheap, and best of all, they offer FREE worldwide shipping (no minimum purchase!) You can get hundreds of nail are decoration for a few bucks, and there are hundreds and hundreds of things from which to choose. And they don't stop at nail art! (But I do, LOL!) They offer lots of other beauty-related items, also at very affordable prices.

Today I have two products to show you from their online shop. First up is Sweet Color Candy Nail Polish #207. This polish comes in a cute cubey-shaped bottle with a pretty gold handle, and according to the website is "eco-friendly". Not sure in what sense, because ingredients are not listed, but hopefully they are true to their word! The polish itself is an AWESOME green jelly that applies very nicely. The shine is really incredible with this polish. Swatches show two coats with topcoat.

Next up I have some Embossed Texture Metal 3D Nail Art Stickers in gold (Pattern #2). These stickers can be cut (and probably will need to be cut, as they are a little bit too big for the nail) to fit the shape of your nail. They come on a large sheet with probably about 100 stickers on it. They were very easy to peel off and cut, and stuck nicely to my nail. The only one I had a problem with was my pinky nail, but I think that may have my own fault, as I peel and repositioned it several times and it probably lost some of its stickiness. Nevertheless, I love the look of these stickers!

Don't forget - use my code LTBMK31 to receive 10% off your entire Born Pretty Store order!


Monday Blues: My Favorite Polish!

Happy Monday, Lacquerbeanz!

Today I have a very special polish to show you - it's my FAVORITE polish! And strangely enough it has all of the things I usually do NOT like in a polish: it sometimes looks black, it has some shimmer, and it isn't made anymore. Go figure!

This polish is called #465 Starstruck and it was made by 10 Professional Nail Lacquer. I don't think this brand exists anymore, but there are lots of their polishes still floating around eBay and Amazon for sale.

I took this photo a long time ago using my old light box, and it did some kind of weird thing with the topcoat where it made it look less shiny instead of more shiny. Don't worry, I wear this polish all the time, so I can always show you a new picture :)


Glimmer By Erica: Swatches & Review

Morning, Lacquerbeanz!

I have some Glimmer By Ericas to show you today. Here's her shop description:

"Making the world more sparkly one bottle at a time! I love color and glitter and I've been obsessed with nail polish for years. Now I combine all three into my Glimmers, and I want to share them with the world!"

adorbs. :-)

All four of these polishes are packed with glitter, so I have topcoat (Glitter Food & HK Girl) over all of the swatches you'll see here, because I love smooooooth nails!

First up is Squared Away: clear base, so undies are definitely needed! I went with Sally Hansen Pink a Card. This glitter is full of - you guessed it - SQUARES! matte, neon squares in two sizes. There's pink, blue, purple, yellow, green, and red in there. The clear base is nicely accented with one teal/silver microglitter. Application was good for this one; I was able to do a nice glitter gradient without the tips of my nails looking like they had blobs on them. =)

The next polish you've already seen, as I showed it to you last week in my Monday Blues post. But, here it is again, because it's so pretty! This is Reflection, which is a shimmery blue jelly base with lots of metallic glitters in gunmetal, fuchsia, and blue. Swatches show three coats.

Passion Flower is a shimmery pink jelly base with various sizes and shades of pink and yellow glitters.  This one applied well; it is really loaded with glitters, so I had to do some playing around to get it to look neat around the edges, but no big deal. Swatches show three coats.

The last polish I have today is Sunshine Rainbow, another jelly! This one has a great yellow shimmer base with medium-sized hexes from every color of the rainbow. There's even some silver holographic microglitter added in there for some extra sparkle. Application was great for this one; probably because the glitter is less dense in this one than the others. I used three thinner coats for the swatches below.

DOCTOR'S ORDERS: Sunshine Rainbow will brighten up any day! A dose of that and you should be good to go. =P These are some great polishes!

Glimmer By Erica polishes can be purchased through her Etsy Shop or on Llarowe. Check her out!


I'm a Mani Thief!

Yep. I said it. I may be decent at nail art, but I am not as good at coming up with ideas for said nail art. Luckily, I follow a WHOLE bunch of bloggers who DO have good ideas, so I can steal them! (muahahahaaaa)

This mani was inspired by Wacky Laki's AMAZING manicure she did for the piCture pOlish 2013 blog fest. I fell in love with it the second I laid eyes on it, and I have finally recreated it. Check out Anutka's version here, which is just gorgeous.

Here's mine!


Guest Post for Possibly Polished

Hi, Lacquerbeanz!

I am guest posting over at Possibly Polished today. Check it out here!

Pretty & Polished: Basics Line Swatches & Review

We all love the fancy glitter polishes. Whether it's a glitterbomb in a clear base, a crelly with neon hexes, or a jelly with lots of circle glitters, we usually agree: the more, the merrier! However, I think I speak for many polish lovers when I say that sometimes I am just in the mood for a simple, basic polish. Whether it's because I don't want to deal with glitter removal or just because I am going for simplicity, sometimes I just want LESS going on on my nails.

Since indie makers primarily focus on glitter polishes, I usually reach for a drugstore brand when I want a simple, basic mani. But that makes me sad, because I LOVE supporting indie polish makers!

Well, lucky for all of us indie supporters, Pretty & Polished will soon be releasing their Basics Line - which is exactly what these polishes are: basic! Nothing too bright or out-there, some subtle shimmer, and some nice earth tones. So now when I'm feelin' simple, I can reach for an indie brand! YAY!

There are six polishes total in this collection, and all of them are very easy to work with. Let's take a look!

First up is Carrigan, a peachy/nude creme with slight rosy-pink undertones. I used three coats to achieve full opacity, and I think three coats does the trick to even it all out. Swatches are with Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat.

Lilly is a perfect Barbie pink with a subtle shimmer. Shown below is three coats of Lilly with HK Girl topcoat.

Blaire is a spicy pumpkiny-red color with some subtle shimmer. Swatches show three coats without topcoat.

Luna is a bright shimmery blue with a slightly metallic look to it. It's not the most original color, and I own several dupes for this one; but that's a good thing, because it's so pretty! =) Shown below is three coats of Luna without topcoat.

Simone is a lovely emerald green color with a hint of teal to it. This one has some shimmer also, and like Luna, Simone has a slightly metallic look to it. Swatches below show three coats of Simone.

Last but not least we have Isadora: an awesome blueish-purple duochrom with some gorgeous green shimmer. Swatches show three coats of Isadora

And there you have it, lacquerbeans! Pretty & Polished's Basics collection is perfect for any indie polish supporter who just needs a break from all that glitter!

You can find Pretty & Polished on Facebook and on their website here.

DOCTOR'S ORDERS: I'm loving Blaire - it's the PERFECT fall shade!


Glimmer By Erica: Reflection Swatches & Review

Press Sample

Happy Monday, Lacquerbeanz!

I have a sneaky-peeky of some polish I will be reviewing sometime next week for you. It's from Glimmer By Erica, who is making the world sparkly one bottle at a time! =P

For today's Monday blues, here is Reflection, a shimmery blue jelly base with aqua, gunmetal, purple, garnet and fuchsia glitters. This polish is PACKED with glitters - like, I mean, really PACKED! I really love it. It was very easy to work with, and obviously no fishing was required! =) (...because it was packed with GLITTERS!) Did I mention how much amazing glitter was packed into this polish? =P

These swatches show three easy coats of Reflection topped with NOB Glitter Food and G&G HK Girl for some super shine.

Glimmer By Erica polishes can be purchased directly from her Etsy Shop, and they can also be found on Llarowe. I also encourage you all to "like" her Facebook Page to stay up-to-date on announcements and restock info.

DOCTOR'S ORDERS: This is one seriously beautiful polish! Did I mention it's packed full of pretty glitters? =P

Until next time!