Born Pretty Store Sweet Color Polish & 3D Embossed Stickers

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Happy Humpday, Lacquerbeanz!

Today I have two great products to show you from Born Pretty Store. For those of you that have (somehow) never heard of it, Born Pretty Store is your one-stop-shop for all things nails. It is insanely cheap, and best of all, they offer FREE worldwide shipping (no minimum purchase!) You can get hundreds of nail are decoration for a few bucks, and there are hundreds and hundreds of things from which to choose. And they don't stop at nail art! (But I do, LOL!) They offer lots of other beauty-related items, also at very affordable prices.

Today I have two products to show you from their online shop. First up is Sweet Color Candy Nail Polish #207. This polish comes in a cute cubey-shaped bottle with a pretty gold handle, and according to the website is "eco-friendly". Not sure in what sense, because ingredients are not listed, but hopefully they are true to their word! The polish itself is an AWESOME green jelly that applies very nicely. The shine is really incredible with this polish. Swatches show two coats with topcoat.

Next up I have some Embossed Texture Metal 3D Nail Art Stickers in gold (Pattern #2). These stickers can be cut (and probably will need to be cut, as they are a little bit too big for the nail) to fit the shape of your nail. They come on a large sheet with probably about 100 stickers on it. They were very easy to peel off and cut, and stuck nicely to my nail. The only one I had a problem with was my pinky nail, but I think that may have my own fault, as I peel and repositioned it several times and it probably lost some of its stickiness. Nevertheless, I love the look of these stickers!

Don't forget - use my code LTBMK31 to receive 10% off your entire Born Pretty Store order!


  1. Ugh I've seen so many people with these embossed stickers and I'm so jealous! They look great! :)

    xo Maddy
    PS. I am holding a Halloween giveaway on my blog & giving away 2 nail polishes & 3 sets of decals by Beyond the Nail
    Come enter: Spilledpolish Giveaway: Halloween Edition. :)

  2. Oh this one turned out so much Fairytale like. Loving it. :D

  3. That green is such a unique color! <3 And love the added decorations~

  4. What a cute mani!! Love green and gold.

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