Glimmer By Erica: Swatches & Review

Morning, Lacquerbeanz!

I have some Glimmer By Ericas to show you today. Here's her shop description:

"Making the world more sparkly one bottle at a time! I love color and glitter and I've been obsessed with nail polish for years. Now I combine all three into my Glimmers, and I want to share them with the world!"

adorbs. :-)

All four of these polishes are packed with glitter, so I have topcoat (Glitter Food & HK Girl) over all of the swatches you'll see here, because I love smooooooth nails!

First up is Squared Away: clear base, so undies are definitely needed! I went with Sally Hansen Pink a Card. This glitter is full of - you guessed it - SQUARES! matte, neon squares in two sizes. There's pink, blue, purple, yellow, green, and red in there. The clear base is nicely accented with one teal/silver microglitter. Application was good for this one; I was able to do a nice glitter gradient without the tips of my nails looking like they had blobs on them. =)

The next polish you've already seen, as I showed it to you last week in my Monday Blues post. But, here it is again, because it's so pretty! This is Reflection, which is a shimmery blue jelly base with lots of metallic glitters in gunmetal, fuchsia, and blue. Swatches show three coats.

Passion Flower is a shimmery pink jelly base with various sizes and shades of pink and yellow glitters.  This one applied well; it is really loaded with glitters, so I had to do some playing around to get it to look neat around the edges, but no big deal. Swatches show three coats.

The last polish I have today is Sunshine Rainbow, another jelly! This one has a great yellow shimmer base with medium-sized hexes from every color of the rainbow. There's even some silver holographic microglitter added in there for some extra sparkle. Application was great for this one; probably because the glitter is less dense in this one than the others. I used three thinner coats for the swatches below.

DOCTOR'S ORDERS: Sunshine Rainbow will brighten up any day! A dose of that and you should be good to go. =P These are some great polishes!

Glimmer By Erica polishes can be purchased through her Etsy Shop or on Llarowe. Check her out!