Sick Lacquers: Swatches & Review

Good Morning, Lacquerbeanz!

This is the first post I am writing post-MCAT; and MAN, it feels good! =P

I have neglected my nails the past few days because I have just been so exhausted from studying I just needed a few days off. Of course, the ONE day I don't polish my nails one of them breaks! 8( But it wasn't too bad; I am going to try to maneuver my hands in such a way to try to hide it in photos ;-) Luckily, I swatched these pretties right before the break, so we are good to go!

Today I have three more polishes to show you from Sick Lacquers. I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised with all three polishes; I loved them SO much more on my nails than I did in the bottle!

First up is Candy Coated Raindrops, a clear base with loads and loads of neon hexes & bar glitters. And my answer is no. Oh, sorry, I thought you asked me if I will ever get tired of neon. =P The swatches below show one dabbed coat of Candy Coated Raindrops over two coats of Sally Hansen Pink A Card. I had no problems with application for this one; formula was good, and glitter was plentiful! All swatches are topped with one coat of NPB Glitter Food and one coat of G&G HK Girl.

Next up is Disco Ball, which is a super-metallic glitter bomb! It is full of small multi-colored hexes with a dash of larger gold and metallic magenta hexes sprinkled in. I was iffy about this one when I saw it in the bottle, but that changed when I saw it on my nails! I went for a glitter gradient with this one to switch things up a bit. The formula was a little bit thicker than Candy Coated Raindrops, but it was completely manageable. The accent nail on the swatches below show several (3? 4? I forgot to write it down, oops!) dabbed coats of Disco Ball over Confetti Cosmetics Fruit Smoothie.

The last polish I have from Sick Lacquers is called Baby, I'm A Star. This polish is a milky gray base with black and metallic/holographic pink circle glitter, silver bar glitter, holographic silver stars, and metallic pink hexes. I had the most trouble with this polish, but when you look at the swatches, you'll see why. It is full of large circle glitters, so fishing will definitely be required for this one. I applied this one by first regular dipping and painting, and then fishing out the circles with a toothpick. I did three coats using this method, and it looked great! I should note that I was given a mini bottle to review, which definitely could be part of the reason I had trouble getting the glitters out of the bottle. I know from experience that jumbo glitters don't mix well with mini bottles. But, I managed! (and let's be honest... look at these swatches and tell me it wasn't worth it - this polish is gorgeous!)

DOCTOR'S ORDERS: There is something in Sick Lacquers' Etsy Shop for everybody... definitely check it out. My fave of the bunch was Candy Coated Raindrops, but I knowI will be showing the others lots of love, as well.

Check out Sick Lacquers on Facebook to stay up-to-date on restocks and polish news!


  1. love the last one! I'm a sucker for those few placed big circle glitters! I just ordered my first polish from then. I got the Purple Haze holographic one. can't wait to try it out! great review!

  2. I love the first two glitters! Great review and swatches Ariel~ :)

  3. I absolutely love the first polish! It's so cute!

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