Lavish Polish Thermals | Swatches & Review

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Howdy, howdy, lacquerbeanz!

It's gettin' chillllly here in NJ, which means I have unfortunately begun to go into hibernation. Now, that may confuse most of you, since I am a human, and not a bear. Every winter, I somehow manage to gain 10-15 pounds, but come spring I lose it without even thinking about it! This year I am desperately trying not to gain, but then I look over and see the jar of nutella and it's basically lights out from there. Nutella:1 Ariel:0.

Anyway, today I have a special treat for you: THERMALS! Lavish Polish sent me a bunch of thermal polishes, which I have never tried until now. Let me just say this: they are totally AWESOME! I was running around like a lunatic this week putting my hands under running water to show everybody this polish! ...I think I need a hobby. Well, a second hobby. =P

The first thermal I have for you is Mood Ring, which is my hands-down favorite of the bunch. It is a gorgeous jelly that shifts from deep plum (cold) to a gorgeous sea foam green/jade (warm). The great thing about all of these thermals is that, if your nails are long enough, the tip will often show the "cold" color, while the lower part of the nail shows the "warm" color. It's like a 1-polish french manicure! =) Shown below is three easy coats of Mood Ring, topped with Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat.

Next up we have Sugar Rush: a HOLO thermal! *faints* This girly polish shifts from a pretty lavender color (cold) to a barbie pink (warm). All of the photos below were taken in the sun so that you can feast your peepers on that amazing holo BLING! =) Three coats with HK Girl, and a great formula to boot!

WARNING: PUT SOME SUNGLASSES ON, because this next shade is BRIGHT! It's called Limenade, and it is another awesome holo thermal. This beauty shifts from a forest green (cold) to an awesome lime green (warm)! Photos were again taken in the sun so you can see that amazing holo. =) Swatches show three coats topped again with HK Girl, and this one was another great formula. No complaints!

Keep your shades on, folks, because here comes another stunner! It's Luscious Candy: a magenta (cold) to pearly whitish-pink (warm) thermal with BLUE iridescent flakies! How amazing, right!? The formula on this was a tiny bit thick, but that actually didn't affect application at all, as it applied very smoothly and was opaque in three easy coats. Swatches are with HK Girl topcoat! =)

After swatching these polishes, I am certain that Lavish Polish is officially in my top five indie polish brands. I loved every single polish, and they are all so unique and beautiful!

Lavish Polish can be purchased directly through their website. Make sure you also follow them on Facebook so that you'll be the first to see new releases!


  1. I am absurdly entertained by thermal polish. When I change to a non-thermal, I still expect color change and then I am disappointed. LOL....I'm a weirdo. Anyway thanks for showing these, always glad to have more thermal options!

  2. HA!!!! I do the EXACT same thing!!!! Lololol

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