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SUNDAY FUNDAY! Actually, it's cold and super rainy... not fun at all :( Good thing I have some sparkly deliciousness to show you today to cheer me up!

I don't usually post on Sundays, but I couldn't wait any longer to show you Glimmer By Erica's Rudolph!! collection! This collection has 9 stunning (as always) glitter polishes for the holidays and for winter!

I am warning you right now that I am going to directly quote Erica's polish descriptions from her Etsy shop, because she is FREAKING ADORABLE!

So I do not keep repeating myself, I will state this up front: I used Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat for all of these swatches because I'm obsessed with it. There. I said it.

Elf Practice is one of my favorites from this collection. Erica always does an amazing job with her formulae - she is able to jam-pack her polishes with glitter while making them perfectly smooth and spreadable at the same time, and Elf Practice is no exception! Swatches show one coat of Elf Practice over black.

"Elf Practice is named for Santa's Elves and all the work they put into making Christmas the most wonderful day of the year. It has a gold holographic micro fine glitter base, red, green, gold, blue, and black holographic dots and hexes. Learn to say Hee Hee and Ho Ho and wiggle your ears and all that elf stuff with this Glimmer!!"

Told you she's adorable.

Storm of Storms is another beautiful glitter topper with a great formula. Swatches show one coat of Storm of Storms over sapphire blue.

"Storm Of Storms is named for the snow storm that strikes on Christmas Eve. It is a remarkable Glimmer created by my bff Cassidi. She and I have been friends for 20 years and she helped me out when I was having a moment of creator's block. This is the result. It has an irridescent glitter base, different sizes and colors of holographic glitters, ice blue glitter, and matte white hexes. This Glimmer is truly heart-stopping layered over a dark color."

Christmastown is full of circle glitters, so it OBVIOUSLY was another favorite of mine! I had originally swatched this polish over a light peachy color, but I didn't love the way it looked (But Erica did, and she's the best, so I'm showing it to you anyway!) so I re-swatched it over light pink. Swatches below show Christmastown over both of these colors.

"Christmastown is named for the town Rudolph lives in. It has an irridescent gliter base with various sizes and colors of dots. This Glimmer is all dots, no hexes. It also has some holographic dots in different colors."

Reindeer Games is another glitter topper. This was a surprise favorite for me! Swatches show one coat of Reindeer Games over brown shimmer.

"Reindeer Games is based on all the games the young reindeer play. It has gold holographic micro fine glitter, gold, garnet, brown, and red and red holographic dots. Play some Reindeer Games today =)"

Holly Jolly is your classic Christmas glitter topper. I layered one coat over white, and I love how it looks!

"Holly Jolly is a beautiful red and green Glimmer. This beauty is ispired by the song Sam the Snowman sings. It has gold micro fine glitter, red and green glitters of various sizes and red and green holographic dots. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!!"

Guide My Sleigh is another class Christmas polish, but it has some added bling! Swatches below show one coat of Guide My Sleigh over a lilac-gray.

"Guide My Sleigh is the moment when Santa realizes just how important Rudolph is. It has irridescent glitters, gunmetal, gold, red, burgundy, and black glitters in different sizes, colors, holographics, hexes and dots. Won't you Guide My Sleigh tonight?"

What's The Matter with Misfits? (LOVE THE NAME!) is a great, very unique mix of glitters. Swatches show one coat over tealish-green.

"What's The Matter With Misfits is the perfect Glimmer for all the other misfits out there! It has irridescent glitters, holographic glitters, hexes and squares in various sizes and colors. It is gorgeous over black, or white or any color in between. Be a misfit today!"

Bumble's Bounce is a rare and beautiful crelly glitter polish from Erica. The woman really can do it all! Swatches show three thin coats of Bumble's Bounce by itself.

"Bumble's Bounce is named for the Abominable snow monster of the north, after he looses his teeth and becomes friendly. It is a white crelly base with holographic silvers, and different colors and sizes of blue and silver glitters."

Last, but most certainly not least, is 'Twas The Night. This is another rare glimmer, as it is a jelly polish with only micro glitters. It is STUNNING! The most amazing thing about this polish is that you can actually change the shade of it depending on how many coats you use. For these swatches, I used four thin coats, but you can achieve a totally different look with more or less coats. Love it! My camera couldn't even begin to capture the gorgeous holo sparkle of this polish, but take my word for it: it's GORGEOUS!

"Twas The Night before Christmas....a sapphire blue jelly base with holographic silver sparkles. It goes on smooth and dries to a smooth shiney finish. It is gorgeous!! It will be opaque in 2-3 coats and is perfect undies for most of the other Glimmers in the Rudolph! collection. Twas The Night and Storm Of Storms are particularly heart-stopping together ;)"

That's the full Rudolph!! collection, Lacquerbeanz! What do you think? Which is your favorite? I can't even pick a favorite from this collection because I love every single one. Erica, you've done it again!

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  1. These are all so pretty, I especially like storm of storms!

  2. Amazing colors! There all great :)

  3. I had never heard of this brand before, but now I simply MUST add some of these polishes to my collection. So pretty!

  4. Storm of Storms is gorgeous, added to my wishlist!