Let It Snow!

Last week was the first beautiful snowfall of the season! I LOVE the way snow makes everything look so peaceful and beautiful. I do NOT love the way snow makes everything so slippery and cold! =P

One of my favorite things about snow is snowflakes. As a complete science nerd, I find them absolutely fascinating! The intricate patterns and molecular chemistry (ugh, shut up Ariel, you nerd!) of them is just awe-inspiring. I love nature!

You will come to know m,y love of snowflakes this winter, because I can't stop painting them on my nails! =) Here is the first of many, many snowflake manis of the season. =)

Polishes used:
Ellagee Milk Glass
Julep Amy
Tillie Snow Bunny
Darling Diva Unicorn Bath
The Lady Varnishes How She Sparkles
Glisten & Glow HK Girl Topcoat

What do you think? Are you ready for some more snowflake manis!? (I hope so, because you're getting some) =P


  1. Pretty snowy manicure! Love how frosty it looks :)

  2. Keep them coming! I love this one!

    1. LOL! Thanks! Another one's headed your way on Wednesday! :)

  3. This is soooo pretty! Love it!

  4. Such a beautiful manicure ♥♥♥ Love the snowflake you painted ♥

  5. Beautiful manicure:) Love it:)

  6. I completely share the love for snowflakes! I find myself doing multiple snowflake manicures every year and I'm not even sorry. Yours is beautiful! Looking forward to more of these!