InDecisive Lacquer Week | Ichor Blue [THERMAL]

Press Sample

Let's keep the fun going on Day 2 of InDecisive Lacquer week!

I have a beautiful thermal to show you today! It is called Ichor.

Ichor is available in several different colors, and they all shift from their color when cold to completely CLEAR when warm... so you'll definitely need a base color, but just imagine all the possible color combos you can pull off! You can choose any base color you'd like, and it will appear when your fingers are toasty warm! The photo below shows the blue version of Ichor when cold, in transition, and when it's warm. I layered two coats of Ichor over white.

Here is a better shot of Ichor when it's cold. It's such an amazing bright, vibrant blue!

Isn't it beautiful!? See ya tomorrow with more InDecisive Lacquer!

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