Glitterfied Nails | Spring Florals 2014

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Sprrrriiiiiing collections are starting to appear in the nail blogosphere! YAY! Seeing spring nail polish swatches pop up on blogs is like seeing spring flowers bloom for the first time! YAY! Even though I'm pretty sure it's about to snow in like an hour (AGAIN), spring is coming and I am SO EXCITED!

Andrea over at Glitterfied Nails asked me if I would be able to review her 2014 spring collection - I was so excited to hear the words "spring collection" I squealed! =P So, without further, ado, here is the full Spring Florals collection from Glitterfied Nails

First up is my favorite from the collection, Tulip Fields.  This polish has pale pink, peach, yellow, and green glitters in a clear base.  Direct quote from shop: "Inspired by a never-ending sea of variegated tulips swaying in the breeze, wrapped in bright green stems and leaves." I love love LOVE this polish! I used 1 easy coat over Essie In The Cab-ana, which I think compliments it beautifully. I topped this swatch, and all of today's swatches, with my favorite Glisten & Glow HK Girl Topcoat.

Next is another beautiful glitter topper called Pink Carnation.  This polish features pale pink, cotton candy. rose, holographic, and iridescent glitters in different sizes. Direct quote from shop: "Pale cotton candy pink plays against rose holographic and accented with iridescent squares." Another great formula for this polish! Photos below show one coat over Zoya Payton.

The next polish in the collection is called Grape Hyacinth. This one is also a glitter topper featuring purple and lavender glitters in a clear base. Direct quote from shop: "A multitude of micro-fine and fine purple and dark lavender glitters create a base accented with lavender dots, purple iridescent flakes and 3 different pinks." There are lots of tiny purple micro glitters in this polish, and I felt that it looked better as an opaque look. All of the tiny glitters almost give it a textured look. I love that! I used two easy coats over Sally Hansen Arm Candy.

Forget Me Not is another glitter topper with lots of iridescent blue glitters. Direct quote from shop: "A shimmery glitter nail polish in beautiful shades of light blue, baby blue, aquamarine and accented with iridescent glitters." I love the look of monochromatic manicures, so I decided to layer one coat of this polish over a navy blue jelly to really make the iridescent glitters pop.

The fifth and final polish from the Spring Florals collection is Baby's Breath. This polish features very delicate baby pink and baby blue glitters in different sizes in a super super pearly white base. I'm not going to give you the direct quote from the shop for this one, because it's almost exactly what I just typed...haha! The formula was pretty great for a pearly base (oftentimes you'll see dragging and bald spots with these types of bases). I used two coats for the swatches below.

What do you think? which is your favorite? I am LOVING these beautiful spring colors!

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  1. What a fun collection! My favorite is Tulip Fields too!

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