Lavish Polish Thermals | Swatches & Review

Press Sample

Oooooh, a rare Saturday post, Lacquerbeanz! What's the occasion? Some totally amazing holo thermal polishes from Lavish Polish! Oh... maybe I should also mention that one of them is also GLOW IN THE DARK!

First up is Oh, Holo Love You (love the name!), which is a holo thermal that is light pink when warm and magenta when cold. This one has SUPER HOLO in it - it's soooo sparkly! I used two coats  of this perfectly formulated polish with topcoat. I have a whole bunch of pictures (labeled so you know which is which!) these polishes so you can really see the different colors.

WHEW! Blindingly gorgeous, am I riiiight!?

Next up is Caramel Blend - it's holo, it's thermal, and it's GLOW IN THE DARK! A triple whammy!   This polish is a holo thermal that is a golden caramel when cold, and yellowish-green when warm. The formula was great for this one, as well. I used two coats with topcoat for the swatches below. Check 'em out!


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