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I have a whooooole bunch of naily-stuffs to show you today, my little Lacquerbeanz! For those of you who have not heard of Born Pretty Store, let me enlighten you! =P Born Pretty Store is a magical online shop based in China that sells literally THOUSANDS of nail and other beauty products. Ever seen a manicure and wanted to replicate it but don't have the supplies? I can pretty much guarantee that Born Pretty Store will have EVERYTHING you need! =)

Oh - and I should probably mention that everything on the site is RIDONKULOUSLY cheap, AND shipping is FREE to anywhere in the whole world!

Let's take a look at what I was sent to review!

The first item I received was a cute little 4-pack polish set. I started cracking up when I read the brand's name -- guess what the "B" in "Bgirl" stands for? BARBARIC. LMFAO. The box literally says "Barbaric Girl Nail Polish". I didn't know if I should be thankful or offended! =P Just kiddin'. I'll just chalk that one up to the language barrier. Lost in translation, I suppose... I'm still giggling at the name as I write this post. Too funny!

For the sake of keeping this post fairly short, I'll quickly discuss each of the polishes right here. I used two coats for the blue, red, and green polishes, and 3 coats for the yellow one. The red and blue polishes, both cremes, applied really beautifully and evenly - I was very impressed! The green polish is a different story. I adore this color, but I swear this polish had the consistency of Elmer's glue -- which is strange, because this one is a creme as well, so I thought it would have the same formula! I actually think that maybe the lid was not closed properly to begin with, and the polish actually started to dry in the bottle, which is why it was so thick and gloopy. But, I guess I'll never know! If you buy this set of polishes, let me know how the green is! =) The yellow polish is more of a jelly, which is why I had to use 3 coats to cover my nail line.

I was also sent some adorable little silver spikes so I could punkify (new word, calling it right now) my mani. Funny story: I used regular topcoat to anchor the spikes into place, and then went to bed when my nails were dry. I woke up the next morning because something was poking my butt (the one night I slept in my underwear and not my sweatpants, of course). I looked at my nails, and only one spike was left. WOOPS!

LOL - so the takeaway from this short story from yours truly: if you want the spikes to stay put, make sure you use nail glue! =P I do love the look of these, though. :)

I don't have any funny stories or silly things about the next product -- but it sure is cute! =) BPS sent me these cute little feather water decals so I could jazz up my manis a bit. I wasn't sure how I felt about them when I first opened the package, but I do like the way the look on the nail! I did have to fiddle around with each one a bit to get it to lay as flat as possible on my nail, but nothing your average lacquerista can't handle! =)

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Until next time, Lacquerbeanz!


  1. Wow you got some great stuff! haha and good note about the spikes and using glue. I don't think I wanna wake up to those spikes poking me in my butt hahaha.

    xo Maddy | blog: spilledpolish | indie polish: beyond the nail

  2. Haha. The story about the spikes made me laugh. I'll take note of your tip. I also use clear polish to anchor studs. Might as well shift to using nail glue. By the way, how are the polishes in terms of smell? I'm kind of wary about buying polishes with 'unknown' brands. I bought 4 before (from a different store) and they were horrible. :( Smelled like paint or thinner. I don't know how to describe it.

  3. Some great cremes you reviewed! Such a funny story with the nail studs, that's hilarious. I love what you did with both the studs and nail decals, they look great over those creme shades.

  4. All colors look great and I agree that BPS is a magical place.


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