Delush Polish Spring Awakening Collection Press Release

The Spring Awakening Collection is now available!

Spring is finally here and so are 6 delushously unique shades! The Spring Awakening Collection features soft pastel crellies combined with captivating glitter mixes.

Available individually for $8.95 each or save with ordering the collection at the discounted price of $48.


Medusa's Verde 
Just like a breath of fresh air, this lush spring green crelly is fresh and crisp as well as reminiscent of the beauty of nature, echoing delicate touches of warm earthy copper and gold tones.

You Blue Me Away
A whimsical sky blue crelly loaded with delicate sprinkles of beautiful pastel glitters that are bound to 'blue' you away.
Basket Case
A creamy white crelly featuring a lively medley of various coloured glitters that offer a playful twist to your average white nail polish!
Fleur De Peche
A creamy delicate peach shade with a sprinkle of vivid greens and pinks amongst earthy copper tones.
Destined For Grapeness
A delicate pastel lavender featuring bursts of white, purple and various other sized glitters.
Wanna Dance With Some Bunny
A playfully fun blend of neon pink hearts nestled between delicate pastel glitters, set against a creamy white back drop that's bound to make you want to bust a move.


  1. Wow, amazing colors and they look great for Easter. I love them all.

  2. Gorgeous polishes! I am still in love with a white base, so Basket Case is calling to me. Beautiful photos!

  3. Beautiful swatches! :D I love glitter polishes! :D

  4. Very pretty polishes :)


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