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Happy Hump Day, Lacquerbeanz! I hope you have enjoyed your week so far... I have tried my best to enjoy it, because tomorrow my next grad class (gene expression) starts, and I will be verrrryyy busy!

Today I have Delush Polish's entire Spring Awakening Collection to show you. This set consists of 6 spring-inspired colors with a delightful mix of glitters. Let's check 'em out!

First up we have You Blue Me Away, which I absolutely ADORE! This polish is a whimsical sky blue crelly loaded with delicate sprinkles of beautiful pastel glitters that are bound to 'blue' you away. I used two coats plus topcoat for the swatches below, and for all swatches in today's post. Application was easy-breezy for this one!

Next up is my other favorite from this collection, Fleur De Peche, a creamy delicate peach shade with a sprinkle of vivid greens and pinks amongst earthy copper tones. No problems with application here -- just make sure you wait a minute or so in between coats so you don't get bald spots in the shimmery base. I really love the mix of glitters against the base color!

Basket Case is another fun glitter mix in a crelly base: a creamy white crelly featuring a lively medley of various coloured glitters that offer a playful twist to your average white nail polish! Easy-peasy application for this one -- the formula was perfect.

Destined For Grapeness is a delicate pastel lavender featuring bursts of white, purple and various other sized glitters. The base has a subtle shimmer to it, which I think compliments the light purple perfectly. No complaints about application.

Next up we have a cutie patootie polish called Wanna Dance With Some Bunny. That name cracks me up -- i love it! This polish is a playfully fun blend of neon pink hearts nestled between delicate pastel glitters, set against a creamy white back drop that's bound to make you want to bust a move. It's super bright and fun! I loooove love love the green circle glitters in there.

Last, but cerrrrrrtainly not least, we have Medusa's VerdeJust like a breath of fresh air, this lush spring green crelly is fresh and crisp as well as reminiscent of the beauty of nature, echoing delicate touches of warm earthy copper and gold tones. Adrianna really got the base color spot-on for this polish... it's really beautiful. This one has shimmer in the base, so make sure you wait a bit between coats to avoid dragging.

Is this the perfect spring collection or WHAT!? =P

The full Spring Awakening collection can be purchased here for $48 (the mini set is also available here for $25), or you can purchase the polishes individually for $8.95 each.

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  2. This is such a fun spring polish collection. I love them all, with the possible exception of the purple/lavender one but that's just because those colors are the few that don't make my heart go pitter patter! Thanks for the great swatches and photos.

  3. These are gorgeous and so perfect for Spring!

  4. Gorgeous swatches...I need medusa's verde!!

  5. Oh man, your swatches are perfect!

  6. All of these are gorgeous!

  7. Thanks Ariel for a great blog post and stunning pics to match!