Lavish Polish | Easter Basket Collection

Press Sample

Happy Easter to all that celebrate! To all that don't, Happy Sunday! :-) Today I figured I would show you Lavish Polish's Easter Basket Collection. It features 4 pretty glitter polishes in light pastel bases.

Eggs-travagant is a gorgeous pastel pink jelly (it's very pigmented, so it looks like a crelly!) with lots of colorful hex and dot glitters in different sizes. My swatches show 3 coats plus topcoat.

Peeps is another pigmented jelly base - it's a pretty pastel yellow with multicolored holo hexes. It's perfect for Easter! Swatches show 3 coats with topcoat.

Color Hunt is a pigmented mint jelly base with lots of matte neon hex glitters. It's so fun! Swatches show 3 coats plus topcoat.

The last polish from the Easter Basket Collection is Carrot Cake, which is a milky white base with orange, peach, green and teal matte glitters. I love the little square glitters in this one! Swatches again show 3 easy coats with topcoat.

What do you think? Is this collection amazing or WHAT?! =P

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  1. What amazing color with glitters. I'm loving Color Hunt the most.

  2. Color Hunt is my fave! So colourful and fun!