Monday Blues | Lavish Polish Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot

Press Sample

Happy Monday, Lacquerbeanz! It is MUCH too gorgeous outside to have the Monday blues, but I still have a blue mani for you today! =) I used Revlon Dreamer for my light blue base and topped it off with a fabulous glitter topper called Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot from Lavish Polish.

C'mon...I know you just finished reciting the rhyme in your head! =P

Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot is a glitter bomb with all dot glitters in different colors and sizes. I used two coats over the blue base for my swatches. While I am not usually a fan of glitter toppers, I AM a fan of circle glitters, and this polish is just so much fun! It's like a party on my nails!

That's all for today, folks! At some point I have to show you what I wore on my nails for Easter... but at the rate I am going I probably won't get around to posting it until next year. =P Oh well! Have a wonderful Monday!