Simply Spoiled Beauty | Nail Art Stripers/Pens

Press Sample

Happy Hump Day, Lacquerbeanz! Today I am so excited to show you a few different nail art looks using my amazing nail stripers/pens I received from Simply Spoiled Beauty. The set of stripers comes with 12 different colors -- I haven't gotten to all of them yet, but I will most certainly be using them soon!

What I loved most about these polishes is that they are not only stripers -- they also come with a fine tip so that you are able to better paint small details. Let's see what I came up with...

As a Jersey girl born and raised, it's no surprise I LOVE leopard print. I used to use dotting tools to draw it on my nails, and it was such a pain in the butt -- I had to keep washing off the paint that would dry on the dotting tool, and keep pouring new polish onto my work area, which was a total waste. Since I received these stripers, I have not touched my dotting tools at all for leopard print. These are such a better and easier alternative!

Here I used the striper portion of the polishes for the crisscross stripes on my nails, and the smaller fine-tip portion for the water color heart/grapes.

For this last mani, I used the fine-tip portion of the polish for the lace design.

I really love these nail art pens -- they are a fantastic alternative to pouring your polish onto a placemat and then dirtying up all your brushes and dotting tools. The full set of 12 polishes is available here for $58, or you can buy them individually for $5.99 in select colors.


  1. What lovely design these all are. My favorite has to be the first one though.