PritiNYC | Australia Summer 2014

Press Sample

Good morning, Lacquerbeanz! For today's post, I have what may be one of my favorite summer collections EVER! PritiNYC has really outdone themselves this time with their Australia Summer 2014 set of 4 PERFECT shades. Let's check 'em out!

Lady Finger Cactus is my hands-down favorite from the collection. It is a STUNNING neon hot-pinky-reddish crelly that is SO BEAUTIFUL I CAN'T EVEN!!!

Chilean Blue Crocus is a stunning blue creme. Application was perfect!

Purple Prince Tulip is a gorgeous magenta crelly that applies like buttttaa! I'm sportin' this one on my toes right now!

Finally, we have Water Dragon, a beautiful light, minty-green creme.

Don't you DARE ask me to pick a favorite because I JUST CAN'T! CAN'T EVEN RIGHT NOW!


  1. Great swatches <3

  2. These are some great cremes! I like them all.


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