Delush Polish | Essence of Summer

Press Sample

It's been a while, Lacquerbeanz! Finals kicked my butt, but (hehe) I'm back now with some beautiful polishes to show you from Delush Polish's Essence of Summer collection!

First up is Indulgence, a universally flattering, vivid pink that hosts just the right amount of sexy, flirty and girly attitude that proves to be the best accessory for any occasion. I absolutely LOVE the shimmer in this polish. It's so beautiful!

It's About Thames is infused with a stunning captivating green shimmer that contrasts this sky blue base and is a nod to Adrianna's homeland, England. This is another beautiful polish with the perfect amount of shimmer.

You Glow Girl! is is the polish that everyone must have. It has attitude, style and grace as well as a serious summer shimmer that will make your nails sparkle! I LOVE the light yellow shade of this polish, and the shimmer in there is just to DIE for!

Finally, we have Swans Upon a Time, a unique shade that merges a timeless chic white base with a romantic red shimmer that sparkles in the sun. This polish is perfect for those of you who are hesitant to wear a plain white polish. The red shimmer really spruces it up!

The full Essence of Summer collection of 8 full size polishes is available for a discounted $65 when purchased as a set ($32 for the mini set of 8). Full-size bottles retail individually for $8.95/bottle, and minis retail individually for $4.50/bottle. Check out the full collection at DelushPolish.com!