ALIQUID Lacquer | Two Pleasant Peninsulas Collection

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LACQUERBEANZ! Remember me?! It's been a whole MONTH since I've posted!! Sorry about that. I've been CRAZY busy with school. Remember, I still do post frequently on Instagram, so make sure to follow me there at @lacquer_tbm.

Today I have the entire Two Pleasant Peninsulas Collection from ALIQUID Lacquer to show you. Let's get right to it!

I'm Heading Straight to Mackinac is a serene blue polish with a soft holographic effect and flecks of green, blue and silver. This polish was inspired by the Mackinac Bridge, which connects the two halves of Michigan. This polish was creamy perfection! Two coats plus topcoat did the trick. This one is probably my favorite of the bunch -- it's such a gorgeous color!

Yooper is a dark green jelly full of flecks of green, blue, gold and brown, plus holographic sparkle, inspired by the wild forests, cold lakes and mountains of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This applied beautifully. I used two coats plus topcoat for the swatches below, but if you want more of a deeper green color, I recommend three coats.

Lake Michigan Sunset is a sheer slate grey polish with flecks of gold, orange and pink, inspired by Michigan's lower peninsula. Again, I used two coats but if you want a more solid color on the nail I recommend three coats.

Motor City is my other favorite from this collection. It's a black jelly with lots of metallic and holographic circles and squares in various sizes, plus silver flakes. Obviously, this polish was inspired by the city of Detroit, home of the automobile! I used two coats plus topcoat for the swatches below. The larger glitters made application tricky, but that is true of any jelly polish with large glitters.

Petoskey Stone is described as a warm grey with green, gold and brown shimmers, plus holographic sparkle, but I think it is much more tan-looking. Either way, it's beautiful! This polish was inspired by  the state stone of Michigan. No problems with application here -- just two easy coats with topcoat.

People of the Three Fires is a brick red polish with sparkles of blue, purple and red. This polish was inspired by the alliance of three closely related Algonquian tribes native to Michigan and neighboring areas. It really pops! I used two easy coats plus topcoat for the photos below. I REALLY love the purple and blue shimmer in this one!

Cherry Festival is a bubblegum pink crelly with red and silver-green hexes, plus gold shimmer and flecks, inspired by the LOADS of cherries grown in Michigan every year! I used two coats plus topcoat for my swatches.

Finally, we have Wolverine Loves Spartan, a white crelly with matte green, blue and yellow hexes. This polish combines the colors of Michigan's two largest universities, Michigan State and the University of Michigan. They may be rivals in real life, but they work together in perfect harmony on your nails! I used two easy-breezy coats plus topcoat for my swatches.

There you have it, folks -- the entire Two Pleasant Peninsulas collection! Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time! (I promise it'll be sooner than a month!)


  1. This is a wonderful collection. Some very lovely colors in here.

  2. I skipped Motor City because it is a glitter but I'm thinking of going back for it. Something about the metallic glitters, circles, squares, and black jelly make me think steampunk.

  3. All of them are very pretty but you saved the best for last in my opinion. Wolverine Loves Spartan is very special polish, it looks fantastic on your nails!
    I wish you a great Friday and weekend!

  4. That blue is beautiful and I love Motor City as well!

  5. Love your nails 
    And I just have to say it, the layout of your blog looks so stunning!
    Xx julia

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