Do you know what time it is...? [GIVEAWAY!]

...it's VALENTIME! ....nailed it.

No, but seriously -- it's almost Valentine's Day -- and time with the people you love is time well spent!

This Valentine's Day I am lucky enough to be flying down to Florida to spend some time with the boyf -- and I'm bringing my brandy-new Jord Wood Watch -- Sully in natural green sandalwood -- to keep our Valentine's festivities on schedule! (I make big deals out of not-so-important holidays ... today I will be celebrating World Nutella Day and loving every minute of it. YES, today is WORLD NUTELLA DAY. Go eat some and celebrate.

So, aside from loving Nutella, I am very much head-over-heels-in-love with my boyfriend. We'll be spending our ValenTIME (did it again, can't stop) at the beach, snuggling watching Netflix, eating dinner in our PJs, and enjoying the gorgeous weather. I can't think of a more perfect thing! :-)

I am up in New Jersey, where the weather is not so gorgeous right now (I can hear the freezing rain outside as I am typing this...lovely), so I'll be traveling to the airport in some comfy sweats that just so happen to compliment my new watch quite nicely! Check it out here:

I've partnered with JORD to give away a limited quantity of e-gift cards worth $25 each for Valentine's Day! If you've had your eye on one of these lovely wood watches, be sure to enter to redeem your gift code. They'll be good through the end of March! Entering is easy; click here to get started!

 It will ask you for your email and your favorite JORD watch (so many to choose from, I know!); once you hit enter, your code will be emailed directly to you.

Let me know what watch you chose in the comments!

Here's another shot of my new watch:

Happy Valentine's Day, my Loves!