Wish List

Here is where I will list the polishes that I am dying to get a hold of, but can't find!

Weasley's Wizard Wheezes: I have been trying for MONTHS with no success to buy this glitter polish from Lac Attack! It sells out so quickly! I first saw it swatched by The Nailasaurus and fell in love with it.  It's so fun!
-EDIT: I FINALLY ORDERED IT BEFORE IT WAS SOLD OUT! And yes, I got 2 bottles! Check out the swatch in this post.

Pineapple Express: I always thought yellow polishes were somewhat unattractive, so I could believe how much I liked this one when I saw it! Annnddd... of course it has been sold out every time I look!
-EDIT: Thank you, Miss Mani Monster, for alerting me when you saw this was back in stock! :-) I love it. See it used in this post.

Bling It On Black Leather & Skulls: This is just about the only leather effect nail polish available in the USA.  I can buy this one online or at the mall, but.. it's 25 DOLLARS! So, really, I am looking for a cheaper alternative if anybody has heard of one.
-EDIT: My Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Black will do just fine! :-)

Violet Microglitter: I can't seem to find this polish ANYWHERE! Kiko's own website doesn't even have this polish listed, yet if I google search it, lots of people own it! HELP!

Emily De Molly Cosmic Forces: Sells out literally in like 10 seconds every time. Waaaahhhh!
-EDIT: Found a pretty awesome dupe by Lacquerhead Polish called Space Cadet 2.0 ... check it out!

Emily De Molly Oceanic Forces: Same deal as Cosmic Forces! :-(